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Terrell's New Website - the Tip of the Iceburg

Added July 1, 2017

Don't be fooled by the City of Terrell, Texas' new municipal website which was designed by Cave Consulting. Sure it is beautiful, easy to use, information rich and mobile-friendly. But behind the scenes, is where it really shines!

Fully integrated with the City's productivity platform (G Suite), each City Department controls their own website documents in a folder that will soon sit side by side with all of the rest of their documents and the website calendar already works with the same tool that controls their office calendars.

Now, instead of uploading "copies" of documents to their website, their "originals" are automatically available on the website as soon as they save them and instead of having to log in to a website editor to add calendar events, they can now do it the same calendar they use the office, which works in the browser and on the mobile device.


Cave Consulting was also able to show the City how to utilize built-in tools such as Google Drive to "streamline" their agenda posting and minute archiving processes. These improved processes are drastically reducing the time and effort currently needed to create, distribute and archive the documents.  


Because of Cave Consulting's mastery of the Google Ecosystem, Browser and Mobile device, they were also able to help the City automate many of their online PDF forms and setup notification subscription services with free G Suite applications such as Google Forms and Google Sites as well as free 3rd party applications such as MailChimp.

The City of Terrell was simply seeking a new website. What they got was a beautiful, professional and transparent website PLUS a new toolkit that will help them become more efficient and greatly increase their productivity, data security, and disaster preparedness, all through the browser and the mobile device.

Joshua Website - Just the Beginning!

Added June 8, 2017

Cave Consulting is proud to announce the official launch of the new City of Joshua website! Designed for the mobile device, this site boasts a custom look and allows the City to effortlessly make information available to the public. 

What makes this website unique is that it has been integrated into the G Suite® platform which can transform it from a "siloed" application into an extension of City's normal work flows!

Processes such as document management, City calendars and online applications automatically become part of the website without any website logins or page edits.

Plus, G Suite® can also provide enterprise level email, reduce or eliminate server and PC costs and enable users to securely work from virtually any internet connected device with little or no additional setup or costs. 

Who thought a little investment in a website could revolutionize the way you work?

Texas Church Moves into the Future!

Added June 1, 2017

Cave Consulting is proud to announce the launch of the Rockwall and Brin Church of Christ website! Its' beautiful design is built specifically for mobile devices with a responsive design.

Its' integration with G Suite, gives it powerful features which eliminate the need for uploading files and allows multiple calendars to be managed without ever logging into a website editor or calling a webmaster!

The site also includes a "Members Only" section and multiple sign up forms that can be setup to automatically log all entries into a collaborative spreadsheet that the entire church staff can manage.

By using G Suite as a key website management tool, the church also gained a professional email address ( along with 30 gig of cloud storage, internal church calendars, collaborative documents and online forms, to name a few.

This little church is ready to do big things!

To Fly or Not to Fly

Added April 4, 2017

 “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird… …it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. – C. S. Lewis

This statement is as true for businesses as it is for humans. In order to progress, change is required.

But this "change" often holds organizations back because they are comfortable with the tools and processes they already use. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

But, with the right technologies, roll-out and implementation, employees often welcome "change" with open arms because they figure out it makes their jobs easier and their lives better.   

Cave Consulting helps cities, businesses and other organizations to encourage their employees "to fly" in the new Digital Workplace!