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City of Beverly Hills - New Website

Added September 19, 2016

Cave Consulting develops a new website for the City of Beverly Hills, Texas. 

Website visitors will get the same experience on whatever device they on is it is built with a "responsive" design.

As with all Cave Consulting municipal websites, it is built to allow documents and calendar events to "add themselves" to the website, so content gets added to the website without City employees having to upload copies of the documents or login to the calendar to add events.

The site also features interactive tools such as automated "public information request" forms which allow visitors to request public documents and police reports from their browser or mobile device and have the data automatically storedin a collaborative spreadsheet that staff can manage as a team.

Many of the "downloadable" forms have been replaced within interactive ones that automatically store data in a spreadsheet for easy management.

The website is just the first step in a journey to more efficiency, better productivity, increased security and lower costs as the tools used to manage the site are designed to integrate into their other productivity tools including email, document management and document collaboration.