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Big Things Come in Small Packages!

Added March 17, 2017

Cave Consulting has always focused on finding ways to help put smaller organizations on the same footing as their larger counterparts. This innovative thinking has paid off for the City of Celeste, Texas. With a population of less than 1,000 people, they wanted an affordable website that was easy to manage and allowed for maximum "transparency". 

Today, the City of Celeste got what they were looking for, as they are the first recipient of the Cave Consulting Municipal "Starter Website". Priced around $2,000, the "Starter Website" is designed for small cities, schools and businesses, with equally small budgets.

Far more than a mere billboard, these websites allow editors to easily change content, post notices and add pictures. More importantly for the City of Celeste, they can also make all public electronic documents "AUTOMATICALLY" appear on the website without anyone having to log into an editor.

All this for a fraction of what cities typically pay for a website. Talk about a bang for your buck!