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Google Apps is now G-Suite

Added September 29, 2016

Today, Google announced Google Cloud, Google’s unique and broad portfolio of products, technologies and services that let our customers operate in a digital world easily and at peak performance.

Google Cloud spans every layer. It includes all of Google Cloud Platform, including their user facing collaboration and productivity applications — now named G-Suite (formally Google Apps).

As Google Cloud Partners since 2010, we are big believers in the Google Ecosystem because it perfectly connects the way people live with the way they work. 

Built for the browser and the public at large, Google Cloud can help transform practically any operation into one that functions better, faster and cheaper.  

We believe Google Cloud and G-Suite are the right approach to help businesses, cities, schools and other organizations take full advantage of the internet and all of the technologies that come along with it and use it as the core for all of our business solutions.