Today, having fast, safe and reliable business internet service is as important as a working phone system or electricity.


Image of fios cable showing that cave consulting helps organizations obtain high speed internet

Organizations without such connections are unable to take advantage of the tools the Digital Workplace has to offer, resulting in:

♦ Higher Technology and Labor Costs 

♦ Longer Project Completion Times

♦ Insecure Data, Documents and Communications

♦ Inadequate Disaster Preparedness

♦ Deficient Customer Service Offerings

Although high-speed internet is becoming more readily available in large metropolitan areas, access in smaller rural areas is often non-existent.

image of no internet access showing that some rural communities have no access to high-speed internet

Cave Consulting helps cities, schools and businesses find the most cost-effective ways of obtaining reliable, high-speed internet by:

♦ Reviewing Current Needs and Availability

♦ Analyzing Delivery Options

♦ Recommending Viable Solutions

♦ Identifying Funding Opportunities

♦ Developing Procurement Strategies

Whether you need internet service for your individual organization, or you are looking to bring it to your entire community, we can help!


image of router connected to several mobile devices showing that cave consulting can help get cities, schools and businesses high speed internet connections


We will explore fiber, fixed wireless and 4G/5G options to help you obtain the most cost-effective, reliable and redundant solution.


image showing world wide web = high speed access demonstrating that cave consulting can bring cities, schools and businesses high speed internet


And find creative ways of paying for the service by pointing to grants, leveraging other users or developing public/private partnerships. 

Image of sign post with options for finance, partners and knowledge demonstrating cave consulting can help cities, schools and business fund their internet projects

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