A Communications and Collaboration Plan from Cave Consulting will show you how to make the cloud work for your organization. 

♦ Smart Document Management

Saves Big Money

♦ Self-Editing Websites

Require Less Effort

♦ Encrypted Email

Protects People's Privacy

♦ Cloud-Based Tools

Enhance Public Communications

♦ Web-Based Applications

Make Life Easier 

♦ Clever Website Design

Requires Less Investment

Cave Consulting can help you dramatically improve business operations by empowering your team with better, more cost-effective communication and collaboration tools and processes.  


By leveraging cloud technologies, your organization can do more work with less effort, better secure your data, improve services to your customers and lower your operating costs.




Examine the current environment and interview employees.

Identify Existing Environment

  • Computers, Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Office Productivity Applications
  • Network and Internet 
  • Document Storage, Management, Backup and Security 
  • Copiers, Phones and Fax Machines


Interview/Survey Employees 

  • What they do
  • Why they do it
  • How they do it
  • Where they do it
  • The tools they use to do it


Analyze data to see where improvements could be made.

    Review Operations 

    • What is working
    • What is not
    • How much is it costing
    • Can it be improved
    • How much will improvements cost


    Develop a short-term / long-term plan.

      Prepare a Game Plan

      • Set Goals and Objectives
      • Make Recommendations
      • Prepare a Return on Investment (ROI)
      • Create a Deployment Timeline
      • Develop a Deployment Strategy


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