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Our success was built on never being afraid to lead and always being willing to listen.

Founded in 1992, Cave Consulting helps businesses, cities and other organizations improve their operations by introducing them to new technologies that focus on the browser, mobile device and Google Ecosystem.


Understanding the challenge.


Finding the solution.


Starting the transition.


Training the team.


Solving new challenges.

Meet the Team

Todd Cave

Founding Partner - COO

Todd is one of the original founders of Cave Consulting and at the company’s creative heart. He is an expert at analyzing and streamlining processes with non-traditional, cost-effective solutions and has been consistently anticipating technological trends for over 25 years.

You could describe Todd as a status quo disrupter and optimist who always believes there is a better way.

Skip Cave

Founding Partner - CTO

Skip is a co-founder of Cave Consulting and the technology visionary who always seems to know what is coming next before anyone else does. Skip has multiple US patents in the world of telecom and voice recognition and uses his expertise to spark new, innovative ideas on the next great solutions.

Dillyn Barber


Dillyn is a cybersecurity whiz that has an unquenchable desire to understand how things work. Whether he is looking for security vulnerabilities or exploring better operational tools and platforms, Dillyn helps keep Cave Consulting on the cutting edge of technology.