Microsoft Ends Support – Again

On October 10, 2017, Microsoft terminated all support for Outlook 2007 and Office 2007.

That means no more security updates, feature updates, support or technical notes for the products, which Microsoft has supported for the past decade.

In addition, Office 365 users that use Outlook 2007 will not be able to access Exchange Online mailboxes through the Office 365 portal.

Most Outlook users are accustomed to constantly paying thousands of dollars for licenses, servers and IT support, so many will continue pumping money into this never-ending money pit, unaware that there is a better option that millions of businesses, cities, schools and other organizations have already discovered.

G Suite logo

It’s called G Suite, and Cave Consulting specializes in transitioning organizations onto this platform and showing them how to tailor it to help automate their specific workflows so they can get projects done faster, with less effort and with fewer resources.

With G Suite, organizations don’t have to upgrade Microsoft Office to use their email and they are able to eliminate all expenses related to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, saving thousands of dollars!

And, since G Suite is 100% “cloud-based”, it works on virtually any internet connected device, requires no special software installations and eliminates the need for IT setup for devices to access remotely.

Plus, G Suite is packed with many other productivity applications that can save an organization thousands of dollars in document storage/management and IT costs and can help teams drastically increase productivity.



And with G Suite, local network data is much safer as it does not run on Microsoft Windows or require Microsoft Outlook, two of the primary ways malware attacks occur and spread.


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Cave Consulting is currently offering to migrate affected user’s email, contacts and calendar events onto the G Suite platform at no charge through the end of December 2017 (limitations apply).