Image of the Town of Ponder Website, designed by Cave Consulting

Ponder Texas Launches Google Integrated Website

The Town of Ponder, Texas, famous for a Bonnie & Clyde bank robbery, just launched a beautiful, custom-designed Google-Integrated website. Developed by Cave Consulting, the site is has a one of a kind look, and is packed with public information and features that make it easy for the public to use and staff to manage.

Unlike traditional websites, Ponder staff are able to have their documents magically show up on their website without ever logging into a website editor! In fact, the Google-based tools implemented by Cave Consulting actually allow staff to make their “original” documents available on their website, so they never have to upload copies! The Google tools can even be expanded to manage ALL of the town’s documents, allowing for sharing without a server, enabling secure access from a browser, desktop or mobile device and protecting them from malware or disaster.

Not only are the documents easy to make available on the website, they are easy to distribute to the public. By default, anyone with a Gmail account can have any of the website documents automatically delivered to them without signing up for any accounts from the website.  From their, they can be searched in Google Drive, the cloud storage application, which comes with every Gmail account. Cave Consulting can even make these documents searchable to anyone, right from the website, with no Gmail account required!

Other key Google-integrated features include the Google Calendar and page and post editor. Since the event calendar is Google-based, it can be managed by multiple people, from a browser or mobile app and visitors can add the calendar to their own Google Calendar or other calendars such as IOS or Outlook, so they never have to come back to the website to see what is going on.

Further simplifying the management of the website is the ability for editors to log in to the page and post editor using their “Google” account. This eliminates the need to remember a password and is much more secure than having to type a password.

The Ponder website is just starting to scratch the surface of available, cost-effective tools now available to it. Stay tuned…