Texas Steak Cookoff and their Automated Online Forms

The Texas Steak Cookoff is a very popular festival which occurs each year in Hico, Texas. Attracting visitors from around the Country, the Cookoff needed a website that would attract visitors to their event and make it easy to apply and pay. Cave Consulting first worked with the Cookoff officials to design a one-of-a-kind look of the site. The result was a clean and simple structure with bright, festive colors that get visitors excited about attending the event. Using a responsive-design concept, and basic SEO structure, the website is not only easy to use on a mobile device but scores well with Google, which is important since the Cookoff is trying to attract people nationwide.

With the design in place, Cave Consulting then built online forms for all of the registrations (sponsorships, wine tastings and cookers) so attendees did not have to download forms and email them back which, in today’s world, is a requirement for any website with forms that need to be completed. The forms were also tied into PayPal, so payments could be taken at the point of registration submission, making it easy for an attendee to complete their sign up.

To help the Cookoff staff manage the registrations, Cave Consulting then hooked the forms into a Google Sheet (browser-based spreadsheet) so the data from each registration populated a predefined tab in the Google Sheet (ie. Sponsor, Wine Tasting, Cooker). This way, staff can monitor who has registered for each category in real time and use the information later for contact and marketing purposes.

Since the Cookoff had already been set up with a G Suite account and their official email ([email protected]) was on the Gmail platform, Cave Consulting was able to set up filters so that Pay Pal Payment registration receipts would flow into the appropriate category of registration (ie. Sponsors, Wine Tastings, Cookers, Tickets and Merchandise ), making it easier to track payments. A Google Calendar was also integrated into the website so the Cookoff Team could share event management responsibilities without having to log in to a website editor.

Cave Consulting also made it easy to make posts to their website as their browser editor can be logged into using their Google Profile, so they don’t have to remember a password. Website editors can also post events and manage page content from a mobile app that runs on both Androids and I-Phones.

The cookoff team can use the website to further streamline their payment acceptance process by tying the registration forms and Pay Pal into their financial system, which happens to be Quickbooks, as the Pay Pal tools integrated into their website also integrate into it too.