Image of an online document search feature

Website Transparency

Most of the data that changes on a municipal website are documents. Making hundreds of thousands of documents available to the public can be a daunting challenge using traditional website management tools that require users to upload “document copies” from local machines and servers.

Our solution (using Google Drive) lets city employees manage all of the public documents from the same platform they manage all of their non-public documents (ie – Desktop, Browser, Mobile Device) so public documents instantly appear on the website as soon as they are created.

Since the documents are in Google Drive, they are searchable by staff and anyone with a Gmail account. (In fact, Gmail users can actually have new documents automatically delivered to them without having to subscribe or sign up for an account on the website.) Moreover, public documents can be strategically placed throughout the website with public search functionality. (Examples: – Home Page and Permits and Applications).

Folders can also be set up to automatically notify people with an email with a link to the folder that has the modified files. (Example: Get Connected – Bids and Proposals)

With some additional tools, Google Drive can also be transformed into the home for ALL of the governmental documents (public and non-public) as it is HIPPA compliant, offers industry-leading encryption and security and can be configured with permissions similar to a local server. In fact, with the right tools, Google Drive can even be modified to comply with Document Retention Schedules and Workflows, eliminating the need for “Legacy Based” servers, computers and expensive document management systems.

So, when it comes to website transparency for a municipal government, county or other agency that needs to make information available to the public, a Cave Consulting developed website makes it easier to make files available to the public, provides more options for the public to access the files and offers benefits that extend far beyond a simple website, offering government entities a high return on investment (ROI).