Cave Consulting, helping you stay secure

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues of our daily lives. An enormous amount of organizations have lost critical data because of security incidents. One breach could cost an organization millions in fines, lost business, and more importantly, lose the trust of the public. Security vulnerabilities typically start at the human level, whether performed by individuals or organizations. Regardless of one’s motive, cybersecurity attacks are always carried out by other human beings.

A few weeks ago Cave Consulting gave an introductory lesson on cyber security to one of the cities it services. We were thrilled with the amount of positive feedback and questions we received during and after this lesson. We were even more excited to answer and digress in each topic such as social engineering, phishing, vishing, and malware on multiple platforms. Cave Consulting always has cybersecurity in mind when we are with clients, and we love helping organizations with their internet security issues or questions every day. We at Cave Consulting would now like to extend this service to anyone interested.

Cloud providers have an array of experts in their back pockets to protect against threats, far larger than almost any organization could ever invest in. In fact, if organizations were to go it alone, there wouldn’t be enough security professionals in the world to adequately protect every single company and their data.

In every industry, organizations are relying on the productivity and redundancy offered by the cloud to protect their data and that of their customers or citizens—allowing their employees to focus on their job. Many are coming to the same conclusion these days, and we believe the same at Cave Consulting: “If you’re not moving to the cloud, you’re risking your business.”

For example, take the CPU vulnerabilities that were disclosed at the beginning of this year. First by Intel with Meltdown and Spectre, and more recently with a plethora of vulnerabilities in AMD CPUs. These were major discoveries that rocked the tech industry to the core. For the most part, cloud customers could go about their day-to-day business as usual. At Google, they updated their infrastructure through live migration, which required no reboots, no customer downtime, and did not materially impact performance. At Google, they even received calls from customers asking if they had updated their infrastructure to protect against the vulnerabilities because they experienced no impact from the infrastructure upgrade.

If you would like to have your organization better prepared for the future, more productive, and more secure with the Google Cloud, we’d love to talk with you. Let’s keep those bad guys out and help you gain that competitive edge with newer technologies that work.