This month at Google – New Features with Gmail, Flights, and more.

There’s been a lot of exciting news and changes coming from Google this month. As Google Cloud Partners, Cave Consulting is continuously keeping up with all the changes and helping our G Suite clients take advantage of all the great new things Google has to offer them. Today, we would like to do a quick review of all the trending things that have been coming from Google this month.

New Gmail interface and features

New Gmail Features and Design

Google is rolling out an abundance of interface and feature changes to the Gmail web client, but as with all things web and Google, it may take a while to reach your browser. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a visual change with the new Gmail. While the old web interface was great, the new design gives it a more modern experience, with rounded buttons, cleaner menus, and collapsible side panels.

The new Gmail web interface also brings an intuitive focus on productivity and security. Starting with your inbox. When a message or conversation has an attachment, you’ll now be able to preview or open it without needing to scroll through a list of messages, and a long overdue snooze button lets you keep your inbox clean. You can also easily access Google’s other tools, such as Calendar, Keep, and Tasks.

YouTube Remix is set to replace Google Play Music

New YouTube Remix

Google will reportedly shutter Google Play Music as part of an audio and video cleanup. Google Play Music, a rival to Spotify, Apple Music, and others — will be replaced by YouTube Remix later this year. The new offering will offer both on-demand music and video clips sourced from YouTube. In short, it’ll be Play Music and YouTube Music mashed together.

New Material Design for Chrome

New Google Chrome Design

Chrome’s traditional trapezoidal tabs might be leaving us soon. The tab’s design, which has remained relatively the same since Chrome was first released about 10 years ago, is undergoing a bit of a change, refreshing their old shape into more of a rounded-corner rectangle.

If you want to try out the new style before the release on the stable channel, switch your Chrome OS update channel to experimental Canary build channel and set the following flag in the address bar: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md. On a Legacy platform such as Windows, you can do this by using the open source Chromium browser and setting its update channel to the experimental Canary build channel.

Google Flights New Design and Features

New Google Flights Design

There is now a simplistic home screen and search experience on desktop, combined with flight price insights showing the cheapest dates to fly. Alternate airport options to help you save money, and other tips all in one place, making it easier to make the right flight choice quickly.

Now that some airlines don’t include carry-on luggage fees, it can be tricky to know what’s included in the ticket prices you’re looking at. Google Flights has now made it possible to see what’s included in Basic Economy fares in the U.S. when you select a ticket for airlines like American, United or Delta. If you want to see only ticket prices that include access to overhead bins—and help you compare similar ticket types—Google has added a “Bags” filter. This filter is now available for U.S. flights and will roll out to itineraries outside the U.S. within the year.

Google can also now help you find the right hotel for your trip by using machine learning and statistical analysis of historical hotel data and reviews to organize and surface the most relevant hotel information. This is done with a Hotels search such as “hotels near me” and is integrated with your Google Flights.

We had a lot to cover in this post, let us know if you’d like to speak with us one-on-one with how we can help your organization take advantage of these new features. Cave Consulting is committed to staying on top of today’s technologies and developing for the future.