Looking for Data Retention? Consider Google Vault

No matter the size, virtually every organization has a major interest in both data retention and security. However, few organizations are able to provide both without compromising accessibility. They either provide inadequate retention and/or protection or they spend thousands on Legacy-based Document Management systems that utilize hidden locations and layers of encryption, which prevent employee access. With G Suite, this 1980’s era way of managing data retention policies and providing data security is a thing of the past.

Using just the basic G Suite apps for document storage and email rather than traditional Windows servers or PCs protects data from malware and disasters because it is stored on encrypted Google servers and not tied to a local network. Adding Google Vault expands and data retention and security capabilities by providing tools that allow organizations to manage, retain, search and export sensitive internal information that could be lost or leaked if left in the care of employees. And, unlike a traditional Legacy network, G Suite can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device.

Why is this important to you? Consider this scenario:

Your organization has been sued by a competitor and has requested specific types of information which could be scattered out amongst all of your employee’s email and documents. After days of searching and thousands paid to your attorney, you discover that a disgruntled employee has deleted all of their documents and email which is key evidence to the case. Now what?

With Google Vault, you will not have to spend as much money or time to get down to business!

With its eDiscovery features, you can perform a global search across everyone’s data for everything concerning said client’s business. The search would bring up all historical documents, emails and chats within seconds including deleted items allowing you to work on your court case with all the evidence you need.  

Try doing that with a Legacy-based network…