The video credit belongs to The North Charleston Police Department of South Carolina.

Google is providing 911 call centers with more accurate location data

Google is now providing 911 operators around the world with more accurate location tracking from callers using cell phones running Google’s Android operating system. For the United States, the company has partnered with cell phone carrier T-Mobile and emergency technology companies RapidSOS and West to send location data from its Emergency Location Service to 911 call centers when someone with an Android phone places an emergency call. For T-Mobile customers, that information will be sent via the carrier and when call centers use RapidSOS, Google’s location data will be sent through the emergency technology company. In the US Virgin Islands, Google has integrated this technology in partnership with the company named West.

Google first tested this system in the beginning of this year, sending its location data directly to 911 call centers when Android phone owners called their local emergency service operator number. The system reportedly sent more accurate location data than what carriers provided and lot more quickly than ever before. Google says its Emergency Location Service is available in 15 countries and sends location data to emergency call centers for more than 140,000 calls each day.

Way to go Google! At Cave Consulting, some of our police departments are using Google’s location sharing services and data via Google maps in many other ways. We are sure they will certainly be more happy to hear about this expansion of Google’s location services that benefits local law enforcement agencies.