Forwarding Emails as attachments in Gmail has arrived!

The wait is over. Everyone will soon be able to forward multiple emails as attachments in Gmail!

This has been a very sought after feature, especially from Outlook users moving to Gmail, primarily because they do not use Conversation mode in Gmail (which glues all of the emails in a thread as opposed to listing them all in chronological order). However, even savvy Gmail users experience times when this functionality would come in handy.

A perfect example is when you want to forward multiple emails that are all related to a single topic, in a single cover email. Yes, with Gmail you can download each of the emails you want to include as .eml files, but then you have to attach each of them to your main email as attachments, one at a time. Definitely a slow & tedious process.

Now, Google has finally addressed the problem with a new feature called “Forward as attachment” which lets you attach as many emails as you want in a new email. Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and then attach the set of supporting emails which recipients can directly open in their mail client.  

One way to insert emails in a cover email, is to just drag and drop the attachment emails into the draft email window. Another way is to select the emails to be attached first, and then from the overflow (three-dot) menu select “Forward as attachment”. This will launch the draft cover email, with the selected emails attached.

The “Forward as attachment” feature is coming to all Gmail users in January, 2020 and is already available to G Suite users on the rapid release track. To verify that you have his new feature, click on the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of your Gmail window, and look for the “Forward as attachment” option.