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Taking Advantage of the Cloud During the Coronavirus Emergency

“Work from anywhere, anytime on any device”. This phrase is the cornerstone of Cave Consulting’s foundation and it has never been more relevant than in today’s global workforce crisis caused by the Coronavirus calamity. For those that have embraced it, they are receiving a larger return on investment than they could have ever imagined.

The businesses Cave Consulting had previously moved to the cloud were able to keep their operations running smoothly with their employees working from home because their email, files, calendars and phones are on platforms such as G Suite, AODocs and RingCentral which are accessed via the browser and mobile device.  So staying at home for employees is just a different desk with a different view. Moreover, with tools such as Drive, Docs and Chat, workers are able to access all of their work files and collaborate with one another in real-time, making it easier to get their jobs done. In addition, many of these businesses are using virtual Windows desktops which are accessed through the browser and allow employees to continue working in their Windows environment from home without the costs, downtime and inconvenience associated with setting up and managing virtual private networks (VPN’s). 

Likewise, schools that had already followed Cave Consulting’s guidance and moved onto cloud-based tools such as G Suite for Education and Chromebooks were able to get online classes going much quicker than schools using other tools and platforms.  Because many of these schools were already using the browser-based Google Classroom to manage their classes and homework, converting to online classes introduced no additional confusion to teachers and students since their processes remained the same. Likewise, by using the built-in G Suite video meeting app, Google Meet, and leveraging Cave Consulting’s live chat support for parents, teachers and students were able to quickly begin online classes with the comfort of knowing that only authorized students could access the meetings and teachers, students and parents would receive professional guidance onto the new online classroom. Finally, by using Chrome Management, Cave Consulting was able to help these schools quickly deploy pre-configured Chromebooks to the students who needed them. This negated the need for tedious device setup and assured the school that students could access all of the apps and extensions they needed and the devices could only be used for school purposes.

Like businesses and schools, cities that had followed Cave Consulting’s cloud migration advice have been able to seamlessly keep many of their community services and government operations running while protecting the lives of workers, elected officials and the public from exposure to the Coronavirus. Not only are employees able to access their email, calendar and files from G Suite, but staff have been able to use apps such as Google Meet to conduct online meetings with each other as well as vendors and contractors. Councils have also been able to hold online meetings while keeping both members and the public safe in their homes with apps such as Zoom which are tied into YouTube Live and embedded into their City website. Moreover, because their Consulting / (GforGov™) websites are integrated with Google Drive, city departments are able to easily make files available on their section of the website without having to go through a webmaster or be trained on how to edit their website. 

With Cave Consulting’s creative approach and an array of strategic partnerships, cities, schools and businesses around the United States have been able to continue to keep their customers happy, continue educating students and keep vital city governments properly functioning.