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Must-Have Feature for Municipal Websites

Cave Consulting’s GforGov™ websites are well known for having smooth navigation, collaborative content management tools, and the ability to integrate with 3rd party applications (apps).

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One such app is 2TurnItOn which provides new residents a simple way to sign up for multiple utility services at once.

Instead of performing multiple searches for internet, phone, and electricity providers and filling out separate applications for each, the 2TurnItOn service provides residents ONE streamlined site for all services using ONE application. As part of the 2TurnItOn service, cities can also get an online water service application at no additional charge. 

Dozens of Texas cities including Dallas, Flower Mound, Leander and Prosper have already implemented this FREE on-line water connection service which directs applicants to a secure website to apply for their water service instead of coming into a city office. The pertinent customer data is collected and applicants are given the opportunity to upload any required documents (ie. drivers license, lease agreement, etc.). The completed data is then routed to city staff for internal use. 

Not only is this an added convenience cities OF ANY SIZE can provide to their residents, it also streamlines water service sign up and allows both residents and employees to avoid unnecessary contact with each other during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

How it works::

    • New or moving residents link to the 2TurnItOn website from the city website.
    • Residents review the city’s published water/trash collection information.
    • Residents complete a water application with the city’s required information. (Plan info and rate updates can be done in real-time.)
    • 2TurnItOn verifies the address through USPS and transfers the information to the city.
    • Customers can apply for water 24/7 online.
    • There is NO COST to the city (no new software or development cost). 
    • Transactions are PCI Compliant

According to 2TurnItOn, they have a 98% satisfaction rate with both cities and their citizens and cities can discontinue service at any time by simply removing the link from their city website.

If you work with a City or County government in Texas, we highly recommend you check the 2TurnItOn service out at (