City of Boyd

What lies beneath this clean, intuitive custom graphic design, is a powerful, yet cost-effective, set of tools that extend far beyond a simple website. First, consider that Cave Consulting moved the City onto the GSuite platform which handles their email, all of the website documents, internal and website calendar events and online forms. With a single login, City employees can get to all of their productivity tools. They can even manage webpage content and posts by simply clicking a button “Log in with Google”.

To understand the true power of this Google-Integrated website, you can look no further than the website documents. Instead of logging into a website editor and uploading “copies” of documents to the website, all “original public” website documents can be set to automatically appear on the website as soon as they are saved to their folder.

Another benefit the G Suite integration brought to the website was the ability to build powerful online forms that trigger internal actions, allow for data tracking and create actual documents. For example, the City built a simple “Work Order” system that lets the public report problems to the City and helps the City quickly address the problem. Once the work order request has been submitted, authorized staff are notified and a Work Order document is created. Once the employee has addressed the issued, from the browser or mobile device, they can close the ticket which automatically creates a PDF of the Work Order and files it away. The data is also logged into a Google Sheet for tracking purposes. And the best part is that this powerful Work Order form didn’t cost thousands to develop. In fact, the City built it themselves at no charge, using Google Forms, another productivity tool that comes with G Suite.