City of Hico

Located in Hamilton County, Texas, approximately 20 minutes south of the City of Stephenville, the City of Hico is a small rural community known as the Home of Billy the Kid. The City of Hico first came to Cave Consulting in need of a website around 2010. They were one of the first websites in the nation to have a Cave Consuting Conceived, “Google-Integrated” website. At that time, Cave Consulting had also moved their entire organization onto a new platform called Google Apps (G Suite today), which allowed them to easily manage their website files from Google Drive and website calendar events from Google Calendar, drastically minimizing the level of effort required to keep the content up to date. 

Cave Consulting has now taken its website to an even higher level with a professional, modern, custom design and an even tighter integration with G Suite. Now, Google Drive files and the Calendar events look like part of the website with a beautiful, custom integration. Next, they never have to remember a website editor password as they simply log in using their G Suite account. They have begun replacing one-dimensional, cumbersome fillable PDFs and Word Docs with dynamic Google Forms that streamline workflows and improve website visitor engagement. Other touches include refined document searches and Google Maps sprinkled throughout the site.

The site is also more discoverable on Google with advanced SEO (search engine optimization) design and tools which is critical since the City of Hico depends on tourism. The site is also more accessible by people with disabilities as it was designed with ADA compliance as a prerequisite.