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City of Joshua

Situated just west of Fort Worth, Texas in a high growth area of Johnson County, the City of Joshua was in need of a more modern feeling website that put them on par with some of the larger cities in the region and state. They were looking for a site they could use to help attract new residents and businesses, disseminate information to the public and automate processes but wanted to avoid the big fees normally associated with the traditional municipal website companies. Cave Consulting first designed a graphic that was unique to the City of Joshua and projected a professional image and their progressive mood. The site’s focus was on rapidly moving visitors where they want to go, maximizing online forms and payments, and helping them stay informed. Making it all work and keeping the costs down was the innovative way the site was developed by Cave Consulting. Key to their successful end product was the cost-effective, flexible content management system (CMS) used to run the website. It allowed Cave Consulting to implement new features on the fly and integrate powerful 3rd party applications such as G Suite, which allows documents to “upload themselves” to the website and teams to manage website calendar events. New to the Joshua website, is a Business section which was derived from the City’s EDC (Economic Development Corporation) website. Now, instead of having to pay for and manage two (2) separate websites (City and EDC), they now only have to pay for and manage one (1). With custom tools such as animated demographic charts, interactive available properties and a “Take it With Me” tool that allows prospective businesses take all pertinent information and files with them in a format that can be easily shared and is always up to date.