City of McCamey

Like most smaller communities, the City of McCamey wanted a professional looking website to both promote their community and communicate to their citizens. They had a limited budget and staff and figured they would have to settle for a small-time website development company and would be unable to have a “transparent” municipal website as it would require too much manpower to manage. They were shocked when Cave Consulting was able to deliver a custom-designed site, within their budget, that rivaled those of much larger cities with tools that enabled them to make their website more transparent than many cities 10 times their size. Key to the website was its integration with G Suite, which provided single-sign-on (SSO) to their website editor, document storage, searching and management and website event calendaring. With G Suite, the City was able to manage much higher volumes of data than they could with a traditional website editor. G Suite also gave the City an unexpected return on their website investment as they were able to move all of the City emails¬†onto an enterprise-level platform within G Suite, which eliminated the need to invest in a system like Microsoft Exchange, potentially saving them thousands in setup,¬† management, and support costs.