City of Terrell

The City requested an inviting, mobile-friendly and intuitive website that focused on tourism, business growth, new residents and the existing community – and Cave Consulting delivered. Behind the scenes, Cave Consulting had to find a way to help the City manage over 400 pages of content and literally thousands of public documents. Their solution was an easy to use website editor that works from the browser or mobile device and requires only a Google account to log in and the integration of G Suite to manage all of the website documents and calendar events. The editor allowed the City to designate people within departments to manage page content and G Suite allowed for all “public” documents and calendar events to automatically appear on the website as soon as they were created. Since Cave Consulting had already moved the City onto the G Suite platform for their email and internal calendars, any employee in the City instantly had the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute files or manage events, eliminating the website management learning curve and increasing available content contributors. By using a combination of 3rd party tools such as G Suite, Cave Consulting was also able to offer tools such as public document searches and news/posts subscriptions at a very low cost. Maybe one of the most powerful features provided to the City by Cave Consulting was the ability to automate custom processes on the fly. One such process that was automated was the Request for Water Service Form, which was integrated into the City website. The form was used by the Utility Billing Department and Fire Department to coordinate water service turn-ons and structure inspections. The real beauty of this tool was that new processes could be easily added, data can be shared between applications and one subscription got a user access to all of the applications, so costs stay low even as new apps are added.