City of Holliday

The City of Holliday was on a budget but needed a new, modern website that could be used to communicate with the public. With a custom graphic design, Cave Consulting took the feel that the City wanted to be conveyed and blended into a beautiful website. Next, the website was developed on a platform that made it easy to build in features and integrate 3rd party applications, such as G Suite. Key to the development of the site was simple, intuitive navigation, that was designed to get people where they wanted to go within 2 or 3 clicks. Instead of using website tools to manage documents and calendar events internally, Cave Consulting utilized Google Drive and Google Calendar, both part of the G Suite productivity Suite the City was already using. This enabled the City to have multiple employees contribute documents and manage calendar events on the website without having to log in to a page editor, greatly enhancing the amount and quality of public information on their website. As a bonus, the City was able to eliminate their “legacy” document management system (Laserfiche) which was expensive and required a server, by simply moving there documents into the same Google Drive platform. With their documents securely in the Google Drive Cloud, they were protected from malware or a disaster. Plus, since they no longer had to pay for unnecessary licenses or servers, they were able to move their court system to a purely cloud-based system, which made them more productive and prepared for a disaster and further reduced their IT and technology costs.