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Joshua EDC

Situated just west of Fort Worth, Texas in a high growth area of Johnson County, the City of Joshua was looking for a way to merge their EDC (Economic Development Corporation) website into their existing City website so that they could better manage it and control costs. Their EDC website was out of date, not appealing, and not interactive. They approached Cave Consulting who had previously designed their City website for a solution. Cave Consulting’s answer was to develop a “Business” section within the City’s own website and build in special features such as an interactive available properties, animated demographic charts and  a “Take it With Me” tool that allows prospective businesses take all pertinent information and files with them in a format that can be easily shared and is always up to date. Cave Consulting was also able to allow the EDC to retain their “identity” by pointing their website domain to the newly developed “Business Page”. Coming soon – A set of tools that lets businesses submit proposals online into a cloud-based system that EDC staff can use to help them stay on top of the prospect by automatically listing milestones, assigning tasks and sending reminders. The tools will also allow City staff to manage actual development projects, collaborate with developers and even have online meetings with them.