Kaufman County Library

Kaufman County Library, in Kaufman, Texas was ready to create its own unique brand, separate from the City. Rather than being a “section” of the City website, they wanted to break out on their own since their mission was quite different from the City Government. They wanted a professional, mobile-friendly website that was attractive, easy to use and simple to manage. Cave Consulting delivered a unique design that promoted an image of friendliness which was what the library was looking for. The site seamlessly integrated the libraries catalog into a beautiful search box and featured intuitive┬ánavigation using common terms rather than library lingo. The site was also integrated into G Suite, which is what the Library uses for email, office calendaring and collaboration, which allowed them to manage all of the library files and public calendar events from the tools (Gmail and Google Calendar) they use every day. The G Suite integration also allowed them to effortlessly log in to the website editor with their Google profile, eliminating the need to remember a password. The library is now in the process of automating several of their online forms so people can register and pay online and their data will be managed via a cloud-based database which is integrated into their G Suite accounts.