Kaufman County

Kaufman County, Texas came to Cave Consulting with two (2) websites nearly a decade old each. They challenged Cave Consulting to come up with a unique design that was both easy to use and easy to manage. They wanted visitors on a mobile device to get a similar experience visiting their website as they would a mobile app. They also needed a way for all of the many departments, officials, and employees to contribute to the website with minimal effort. What Kaufman County got was a website with a totally unique look, that is simple to navigate and is filled with tools that encourage transparency and interactivity with the public. With a custom design, Kaufman County will not have to worry about their site looks like it came out of a template factory. Smart navigation and responsive design help take visitors where they’re going from the browser or mobile device. Integration with G Suite allows all of their departments and precincts seamlessly contribute to the website, making it possible to achieve maximum transparency with minimal effort. Key features include custom document search pages sprinkled throughout the website, a video archive that automatically formats Youtube videos and an event calendar that automatically populates all recurring meetings with links to the most current agenda. Coming Soon – Application that allows the public to request a 911 address and triggers an internal subdivision process with a mobile app that can be used to collect field information.