City of Lakeside City

The City of Lakeside City needed a more modern, mobile-friendly website as well as a way to get their internal documents, calendars and email better organized and under the control of the City and protected from disaster and malware. They did not have the budget for a traditional high-end website from a municipal website company, nor did they have the money for expensive email and document management systems. Cave Consulting provided them all that they were asking for and more. The website Cave Consulting delivered had a custom look, an intuitive design, and tools that made it easy to manage content and internal processes. Cave Consulting’s innovative approach to website design and extensive knowledge of  G Suite, which they integrated into the website, kept website costs down and provided the City a way to attain services like email and internal document management at a fraction of what traditional systems cost. With G Suite, the City could manage all of their “public” documents from a folder on their Windows, Mac, Browser or Mobile Device and share website calendar management responsibilities with their entire team from the same platform in which they check their email and collaboration projects.