New Boston SIDC

The New Boston SIDC website has a clean, custom-design, and is designed to encourage a call to action from a prospective business. First, the home page has a large banner slideshow that conveys the message that the City is “open for business”. Next are the regional map and demographic snippet which were developed to allow a prospective business to quickly identify some of the key elements needed for them to find a location to build or relocate their business. Three prominent buttons that link to important information frequently requested by businesses also appear on the home page so website visitors can quickly jump to the information they are looking for. A calendar feed and news feed make the home page even more informative and the SIDC’s contact information along with a Google Map and Contact Form in the footer make it a snap for businesses to make an inquiry to the SIDC.

Hidden from the website visitor are the simplistic website management tools. From a calendar that is controlled via Google Calendar to posts that can be made from a mobile device to a website editor that can be accessed via mobile app with a Login with Google option, managing the site is a snap. The Google integrated tools even extend to email as the SIDC’s official email address runs on the Gmail platform, which is all part of their GSuite account.