Town of Dish

The Town of Dish first came to Cave Consulting in need of a website over back in the early 2000’s. Interestingly, the Town was named for “DishTV” who actually paid for their first website. Today, the City has launched their new website, which is light years ahead of its predecessor. First is the modern, clean look. The custom graphic gives the City a website that has been personalized for them and projects a high level of professionalism. The intuitive, mobile-friendly and clean design makes it easy to find what you are looking for, especially if you are on a mobile device. But, what gives this website an edge is its integration with G Suite. With this tool, the City is able to store and manage all of their documents from a single folder on their Windows machine, in the browser or on a mobile device. Moreover, the City can use G Suite as it’s document storage repository for all public documents, so they don’t have to have copies of them on local servers or Windows machines. This protects them from malware or disaster, makes it easy for any employee to contribute and eliminates the need to manually upload documents to the website as they instantly show up as soon as they are saved. In addition, because the City website documents are in G Suite storage (Google Drive), Cave Consulting is able to provide document searches customized to specific pages on the website (ie. Government, Documents, and City Council). Finally, G Suite has allowed the City to begin making their site more interactive by converting PDF, Word and Excel files into online forms that feed data to spreadsheets or databases, where events can be triggered, data can be manipulated and documents can be created.