City of Weimar

About a decade before the launch of their current Weimar website, Cave Consulting had designed the City a website that allowed them to manage their own content from a browser and provided them a cost-effective way to make documents such as minutes and ordinances searchable from their website. Cave Consulting even provided the onsite scanning of the documents to the web-based system. First deployed by Cave Consulting in 2001, these tools and services were “state of the art” at the time, as few cities in the United States, much less Texas had such website capabilities. Fast-forward to the era of the browser and mobile device and the City of Weimar again has a website that most cities can only dream of. Not only does it have a custom look that sets it apart from any other website in the country, it is built for the mobile device, runs on one of the most cost-effective and secure platforms on the planet and costs only a fraction of what a high-end municipal website would cost. The site’s integration with G Suite also makes it possible for the small staff of Weimar to manage high volumes of data with minimal effort. With G Suite, anyone with a G Suite account in the City can have their original “website” documents automatically appear on the website without ever logging into a website editor and can manage website calendar events and internal calendar events together as a team, from the browser or mobile device.  The system can even be expanded to provide full-blown document management, negating the need for expensive document management systems, networks, servers and IT Support.