G SUITE - New Tools for the New Way We Work.

Get More out of G Suite
Since 2010, Cave Consulting has been helping businesses, cities and other organizations transform their organizations with G Suite-based solutions.

By leveraging the browser, the mobile device and the powerful Google® Ecosystem, we can show you how to better allocate your labor and technology investments, increase employee productivity, strengthen data security, improve customer service and expand your bottom line.

Over 5 million businesses and 70 million students have “Gone Google”.

Renowned spam protection, tight integration with G Suite, the ability to search texts and 1,000’s of 3rd party app integrations makes Gmail a real game-changer.


Google Drive offers a secure environment to store and work on all of your files and can be expanded to comply with your organization’s retention policies.


Say goodbye to corrupted files, thumb drives and emailing back and forth. Google Docs save as you type, are everywhere you are and let everyone work together.


Google Sheets allows you to do calculations with phrases rather than formulas, can be integrated into text documents and can be shared by an individual tab.


Use Google Forms to replace fillable PDF’s, Word and Excel files on your website or in your office and use the data to automate tasks, trigger notifications and build printable documents.


Replace expensive Windows, Macs and IPads with more cost-effective Chrome Devices which are simple to manage, built for speed and not susceptible to most malware.

Meetings / Messaging

Hold HD video meetings, share your screen or give presentations. Send and receive text messages from your inbox and use Gmail® search to retrieve them.


Manage, retain, search and export your organization’s documents, email and text messages to deal with litigation, retention policies, and disgruntled employees.

Google Ecosystem

Thousands of other applications, such as Document Retention, Task Automation, and VOIP Phones, can be integrated into G Suite making it even more powerful.

With a single login

your employees can securely access all of their productivity apps and documents from their computer, Chrome Device, tablet or mobile device. You can also deploy G Suite as an SSO (single-sign-on) solution, allowing employees to sign in to other third-party apps or in-house apps hosted in the cloud with their Google profile.

We offer turn-key G-Suite® Services and can show you and your team how to make these powerful productivity tools work for you!

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