City of Palmer

The City of Palmer is a high-paced, growing City that needed a modern website that could both promote and inform. When approached by Cave Consulting, the City had what might be called a “bill-board” website which had minimal, static content. Most of the changes to the website were in the form of agendas and minutes, which were sent to a webmaster after meetings for posting. The lack of an informative website resulted in the public directing unnecessary questions to the City, creating frustration and additional work for staff. Cave Consulting changed all that with a custom-designed professional website that had a clean, intuitive design and was packed with information. Critical to making the site work for the City was providing them a way to get more information on it with less effort. Cave Consulting achieved this by building the site on a cost-effective, flexible CMS platform that allowed them to easily add powerful features and by integrating it with 3rd party applications such as G Suite. Tools such as feeds, subscriptions and styled calendars that require minimal custom design or coding kept costs down and applications such as G Suite allowed staff to manage much of the website changes without interrupting their normal workflows. Cave Consulting also helped the City get even more from their website investment by building online forms that feed into spreadsheets from built-in G Suite tools and moving all of the City emails onto G Suite which offers enterprise-level email service, used by many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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