New Fairview

New Fairview, Texas is a small community in Wise County, Texas, with only a handful office staff. They wanted a transparent website, chalked full of information, that did not look like it was made on an assembly line, but didn’t think they would have the manpower to keep all of the information up to date nor the money to pay for a website of that caliber. Cave Consulting was able to deliver what the City wanted and more. First, they designed the look and feel of the site from scratch – no templates. Then, they built in powerful features like a way for website visitors to have City documents automatically delivered to them and calendar events sync with their personal and business calendars. The City was surprised to learn that features like this come standard on every Cave Consulting municipal website and often work with services like Gmail, that people already have, making it super easy to use. Cave Consulting’s also built-in tools for staff to easily manage the data. First, they integrated the documents and calendar events into G Suite, a cloud-based office productivity tool from Google. With G Suite, City staff didn’t have to log into a website editor and manually upload copies of documents or add calendar events. Instead, their “original” documents automatically appeared on the website as soon as they were created in their native programs (ie Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, etc…) and calendar events were added via the Google calendar browser or mobile app. Plus, G Suite allows editors to securely log in to the easy-to-use WYSIWYG webpage editor without having to remember a password. They can even make posts and other changes from a mobile app. As a bonus, the City also uses their G Suite account for other processes including City email and internal calendars, making the website investment even more cost-effective. And the best part, the City got all of this for a fraction of what larger neighboring Cities typically pay for templated websites with inferior features.

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