Ore City

When Ore City approached Cave Consulting, they had no web presence. They had been looking for a web developer and thought they had to settle for a traditional, “templated” website or mortgage their 1st born child to get a website like some of the bigger cities around Texas and the United States had. What they got from Cave Consulting was a sleek, custom-designed website that emits the vibrant energy of the small East Texas City. More than that, they got a website that helped them be more transparent than many cities 10 times their size and be able to leverage enterprise-level email to boot. By integrating G Suite into the website, Cave Consulting provided the City a way to have multiple employees have all of their “website documents” automatically appear on the website and share website calendar management responsibilities, without having to log in to a website editor. Google Drive and Google Calendar (part of G Suite) essentially integrated “website management” into the City staff’s daily routine without having to change it. Plus, the tools in G Suite were able to further increase productivity and disaster preparedness by allowing them to use applications such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar to improve internal communication and collaboration.

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