Adding Agendas to a Website

Adding Agendas to a Website

Meeting Agendas are managed in Google Drive and can typically be accessed from multiple locations on the website:

Home Page Calendar Feed

Public Calendar Feed





Styled Calendar

Styled Google Calendar






Webpages with Search Tool Integration

Agendas and Minutes search tool







Adding a New Agenda File

When you are ready to make the new agenda public, you will simply drop the file in the folder labeled “Current Agenda” under the respective council, board, commission, etc… top-level folder in Google Drive. (You can do this from the Google Drive Browser App or Mobile App along with the Google Drive File stream folder on a Windows or Mac. See Adding or Uploading Website FilesĀ )

Once you do this, the agenda file will be available on your website including the calendar (assuming the event has already been set up as a “repeating event” and has a link to the “Current Agenda” folder in which you just added the file.

When the meeting is over, you will want to move the file in Current Agenda to the “Archive” folder in Google Drive.

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