Managing Calendar Events on a Public Website

Managing Calendar Events on a Public Website

If you have a calendar on your website, it is likely integrated with Google Calendar.

This integration minimizes calendar event management and allows you to link to information like Current Meeting Agendas so the public will always be able to access the most current meeting agenda for a specific meeting.

Calendar events are typically displayed in two places on a public website:

Home Page Feed

Public Calendar Feed





Styled Calendar

Styled Google Calendar





To add a Calendar Event:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your assigned Google Account

Method 1:

Click on the Create Button.

Create Calendar Event Google Calendar










Method 2: 

Click on the day/time of the event.

Create Calendar Event from Day









Click on the “More Options Button.0.

More button on Google Calendar


Repeating Events

If you are adding a meeting date that repeats, you can make it a “repeating” event so it automatically shows up on a recurring schedule.  This is a good technique to use for meetings such as Councils, Boards and Commissions.

Repeating Event Illustration










  1. Edit Events:
    Double Click on the event or:
    Click on the pencil icon
    Change Meeting Times:
    From Editor or;
    From Week – Drag
    From Month – Drag
    From Day – Drag

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