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"Cave Consulting has been a valued partner of Public Management, Inc. for many years.  Their insight into efficient and effective productivity tools has allowed our business to grow while at the same time provide enhanced services to our clients.  Through a integrated connectivity platform, our staff has been able to stay connected between offices as well as in the field."

- Patrick Wiltshire, Vice President, Public Management, Inc.

About being able to delegate email to his team while out of town using GMAIL - "Looks very cool/exactly what we needed. Love the option to leave conversation unread when viewed by others."

- Ryan Cave, Cave Realty

"In February of this year, we added the City Council to our Google for Work account and purchased inexpensive Chromebooks for each member so they could securely access the their accounts. Gone or the days of paper council agendas, memos, and budgets! This year we developed, modified and completed the entire city budget on-line without one sheet of paper printed. The budget was prepared using Google Sheets, adding notes for allocation justifications. Department heads prepared their budget sheets in the same document, collaborating as we went along. A real time saver and great experience!"

- Greg Arrington, City of Boyd - Administrator

"Woah! I'm really loving the template theme of this website. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's hard to get that perfect balance between usability and visual appeal. I must say you have done a great job with this. In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Firefox. Excellent Blog!"

- website visitor - City of Hico, Texas

Just wanted you to know that, from my standpoint, the new technology initiatives have been great and are going incredibly smoothly.  Without exception, teachers and staff have been responsive and the learning curve has been very manageable." "I am so impressed with the way you have designed and managed the process!  This is the start of a very good thing for WRM, and I am glad you are active in urging us on to the next steps."

- Sue Henry - Director Emeritus - White Rock Montessori School, Dallas Texas

"As we discussed in our initial meeting I'm not one of those adopters of change. But we were required to make necessary changes since our business expanded in to new  markets.  Studies have shown it's not the actual change but the uncertainty change brings that leaves employees uncertain.

We implemented the changes and here is what happened.  Every one bought in to the new environment because of you. The changes you recommended have increased productivity, improved communications and streamlined the business.

I came to you with the problem of intra-company communications and CRM.

Thank you!  You guys did a great job in your recommendations and implementation you executed.

The transition from Outlook to Gmail was flawless! Gmail has proven to be more functional and easier to use.  The  integration of the calendar and contacts  with Gmail has provided us a platform that is more user friendly and adaptable.  The employees enjoy the customizable aspects of it. The apps that Gmail support such as calendar and  Instant Chat has improved our communication among the employees. Most of all, since we are often mobile Gmail and an internet connection gives us access to all these platforms instantly.  It was so easy to implement!

Second, we needed a new CRM. We looked at many platforms but none met all our needs. We discussed those needs with you and you found the solution. Insightly CRM provides all users with the tools they need. A sales component that is sufficient and easy to use, a project management component used by our project management team that was configurable to our needs and reporting component for me to evaluate the various progress of the departments.  Insightly was spot on.

 Just as important  was the change management and process  you implemented.  Through your training and execution everyone saw the benefits and jumped on the band wagon to adapt to the new environment.

We thank you  for your insight and support." 

- Thomas Blankenship - Utility Consultants & Associates

"I had a dog breeding website designed by, Cave Consulting, and I worked with the COO himself. With me not being technical savvy he was so helpful by setting me up with tutorials to help me fully understand how to maintain the site myself which I have found to be very easy. I have had nothing but compliments on my site as to the fact that is an attractive, clean, easy to read, and informative site. I highly recommend, Cave Consulting, to any one who requires any designs for their business needs."

- Lisa Fries, Island Goldens, Pine Island, Florida

"Over the past several months we have slowly transitioned over to Google. I have recently done a way with all paper for city council members and meetings. I went and bought chrome books for the department heads and the governing body. We now use the google cloud and google drive to retrieve our council packets now. It has saved us a ton on paper, toner and man hours. Currently, I'm working on getting equipment to stream our council meetings with google hangout. We are also using google docs on items we create in order to always have a template available."

- Steven Farmer, Mayor, City of Italy

"I have struggled with my HP printer since the day I purchased it.  Anytime I printed one single document out of ANY Microsoft software, the printer would lockup and would not print another thing.  Didn't matter what program I tried to print out of - it simply would not print!  I had our IT people look at it, called HP product support multiple times, and no one could ever figure out what the problem was.  So after spending almost as much money on IT support trying to figure out the problem as I spent on the printer itself, I just resigned to the fact that if I wanted to print from a Microsoft based software - I just had to print to our copier/printer in the other room.  So this meant I could not print a letter, envelope, label or a ton of other things from my own office.  

As you know I have slowly been moving over to using the google platform.  I open everything in google now and can print anything I want with no problem at all!!  Printer does not lock up and with the google add on's I have been able to print pretty much everything I can out of Microsoft, and I know I am just getting started!!  I know there is so much more available that I just haven't found yet!!  Today I printed a perfect envelope from my office - I almost wanted to cry!!  I have been either having to handwrite (which I find terribly unprofessional) or go to the ancient Typewriter and actually type the label, or make two trips to the copy machine pressing buttons and putting the paper in the bypass tray just to print a label!  It has been a such a pain.  The pain is gone!!  I love google more and more everyday!!!

Thanks Todd!!

- Marie Balthrop, City Secretary, City of Holliday

About their new church website: "I was just showing it to some of our members and I have already gone in and edited a couple of things.  Everyone Loves it!"

Andreia Reese - Rockwall Brin Church of Christ, Terrell, Texas

"I think the best thing about the whole Google experience is the "across the domain" sharing. We no longer need to email files, we can now access them at anytime from anywhere. We did not have the need for a new server which was a big plus.....we here at the police department are using the heck out of it. Also, the new web site design looks fantastic!"

- City of Boyd - Chief of Police

"I wish we could record all of the great comments we get on the website from people who come into Town Hall".

- Sheri Clearman, City Secretary, Town of Ponder, Texas

"The City Council really likes the new website. Thanks for all of your help."

- Jhanna Bogan, City Secretary, Springtown, Texas

"We love our new website. We get compliments on it all of the time."

- Dolores Stoever, City Secretary, Weimar, Texas

"I wanted to let you know that I've had quite a few compliments on our website from other folks outside the city. One of the more negative Ellis County blogs called it "unbelievably beautiful" and patted us on the back for including the terms for elected officials, another said it was very easy to navigate and had lots of good information. Our Judge in Waxahachie said he has heard lots of compliments from the DA's office and other agencies. He said it is one of the best he's seen and definitely one of the best in the county. It was well worth the wait to get this up and I appreciate you understanding exactly what I envisioned. GREAT JOB!!!"

- Teri Murdock, City of Italy, Texas

"We love our website.  Updating the site compared to Microsoft Expressions is the difference of having a tooth pulled without pain medication. We absolutely are very happy with it."

- Tammy Dixon, City Secretary, Town of Bartonville, Texas

"Ta da! thanks so much. One tiny step and presto! I am so impressed that I can update the web site! Thanks for being such a great tutor!"

- Robin Kaufman, Board President, Rancho Bernardo Community Council, San Diego, California

"Getting a lot of compliments on the new website. Thanks for sticking with us during this long process. I really appreciate your patience. I think it looks terrific!!"

- Sue Henry, Director, White Rock Montessori School, Dallas Texas

"Hello and kudos. I am a repeat visitor to the Hico town Web site who enjoys each trip. The gateway is attractive, clean and a breeze to navigate. Well done. I appreciate it."

- Anonymous from Rhode Island

"Wow, that is service! Looks great, just what I wanted. Thanks!"

- Jenny Redden, City Secretary, Morgan's Point, Texas

"Mr, Leamons, I am writing from way up north in chilly Rhode Island. I'll be visiting Texas in the near future, and as such I was browsing area Web sites this morning. I came upon http://www.hico-tx.com/ and liked what I saw, of your lovely city and its Internet representation. When I spotted a couple of small typos on your home page, I pointed them out via e-mail to the company that operates it, www.caveconsulting.com. They were fixed almost instantly. Everyone makes small mistakes; I just wanted you to know how good the service Cave Consulting is providing you in solving problems gladly and promptly. Take care."

- Bob Ottaviano, Rhode Island

"Doing real estate appraisals throughout the North Texas Region, I visit a lot of city's websites when gathering information for our reports. I hadn't visted ours in a while and I did today and I must say I was very impressed! Very well organized and I think that it presents the diversity of the city very well."

- Local Real estate appraiser, Pilot Point, Texas

"That's a pretty nice page you've created for Hico. Keep up your good work!" . "D---, you're fast! I will be sure to let the town administrator know how good his Web hosters are at taking care of business."

- Local resident, Hico, Texas